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Law/Grad School Fair

Stop By Our Table at the Yeshiva LSAT Prep Fair!

Stop by the Blueprint LSAT table on Wednesday, 12/19 and save $200 on any classroom course, $50 on the on demand course, or $150 on the live online course! The first session will take place from 3-4pm at the women's campus, and the second will be 6-7pm on the men's campus.

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Kevin Lin

Kevin first learned of his dark addiction to LSAT instruction many moons ago, when he taught for Blueprint as an undergrad at UC Berkeley. After earning his J.D. from Columbia Law School, he spent two years at law firms in New York City and a stint as a federal prosecutor in Oakland, California, before his compulsive desire to educate strangers about logical reasoning spiraled out of control.

Kevin returns to Blueprint older, wiser, and with an even firmer commitment to LSAT excellence. With a score of 180, a proclivity for saying absurd and completely inane things with the utmost gravitas, and a speech pattern vaguely akin to Christopher Walken and William Shatner, Kevin’s classes remind many students of frolicking with satyrs during a debauched bacchanalia – except that instead of engaging in drunken revelry with half-men/half-goats, students will learn effective strategies for getting amazing scores on the LSAT.

In his spare time, Kevin enjoys quiet introspection, pondering the horrors of existence, and convincing people that he is not a robot.

LSAT Seminar

Changes to the Test: The New Digital LSAT

Blueprint is hosting a free seminar covering all of the changes to the LSAT in 2019! This event is a great way to see how the digital LSAT will look and to learn the best ways to change up your study methods to prep for the new format. The event is open to ALL and everyone who signs in will receive $300 off a Blueprint live class, $75 off the online course, or $150 off the live online course.

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Ross Rinehart

Ross spent his formative years in San Diego, where he picked up a skateboard and has been annoying pedestrians, dogs, and security guards ever since.

While earning his degree in English and Political Science at UCLA, Ross wrote pretentiously overwrought album reviews for the Daily Bruin. One in particular inspired his then-girlfriend to say, "That was the least fun thing I've ever read." Finding that a career in music journalism was not in the cards, Ross signed up with Blueprint, which helped him earn a 170 on the September 2009 LSAT. Ross matriculated to the USC Gould School of Law in 2010 where he spent time working on the campus' Post-Conviction Justice Project and apologizing to his Bruin friends for setting foot on the Trojan campus.

With eleven years of teaching experience under his belt, Ross strives to create a convivial environment in his Blueprint classes so that students can feel comfortable during what is often a stressful time in their lives. Ross also knows a little about picking yourself up after falling down (conservative estimates indicate that Ross has failed over 2,810,543 skateboard trick attempts), so he knows how important it is to provide support for his students as they learn the skills that will get them a great LSAT score.

Ross will tell you his favorite movies are La Dolce Vita, Bicycle Thieves, and Breathless, but we know Purple Rain and Clueless actually top the list.

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Julien Hawthorne

NYC Bar Association - 42 W 44th St

Law/Grad School Fair

Stop By and See Us at the New York City Bar Association Prep Series!

IMPORTANT: This registration link just lets us know we'll see you there. To register for the event, please go to Blueprint will be giving a Logical Reasoning Seminar from 10-10:45AM and a Logic Games Seminar from 11-11:45AM on Thursday, 1/3! You can also stop by the Blueprint table from 2:45-5:30PM and save $200 on any classroom course, $50 off the online course, or $150 off the live online course!

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Julien Hawthorne

Julien’s resume rivals those of many first term congressmen, with experience waiting tables at Planet Hollywood, tending livestock on organic farms in NorCal, and delivering groceries to young urban professionals in Los Angeles. Next up was either becoming Blueprint instructor or an exotic dancer – to him that dream isn’t dead, only dormant.

His love of narcissism, hermitage, and patriotism reached new heights as an English Literature and American Studies double major at Columbia University. He decided to take the LSAT after a serious misreading of reading Franz Kafka’s The Trial, and scored a 170.

Julien considers of his role as LSAT instructor like that of a Calvinist preacher. After you have accepted your own logical depravity and inherent wickedness in the face of a world characterized by LSAC’s extensive bureaucracy, he will fill you with LSAT knowledge and grace, which will inevitably bring you closer to god. And by god, he means law school. Or does he?

When he is not teaching the LSAT, Julien sits in dark rooms reading Harold Pinter plays while sipping gimlets and eating fried chicken.

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