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The Law School Compass

Take the guesswork out of your future! Blueprint spent years developing a proprietary algorithm that calculates your chances of admission at any law school in the country.

Our law school compass builds your personal profile using your GPA, practice LSAT score, and other application materials, then analyzes admission rates and current law school trends to calculate your chances. While we can't guarantee admission with 100% certainty, we’ll get you pretty freakin' close.

Free June 2007 LSAT

You could (in theory) find this exam anywhere, but there's a lot more you can only get here. Download, print, and score the June 2007 LSAT for free within your account to get a taste of the real test (please don't put your mouth on it).

After you score the test, you get detailed analytics on your performance to see where you should focus your study time. You also have access to fully-animated video explanations where you can watch how Blueprint experts attack each question.

Detailed Score Reports for Every Exam

Mastering the LSAT isn't just about right and wrong answer choices. It's about uncovering your strengths and weaknesses and learning to avoid the test's logic traps.

Your free account allows you to score every released LSAT, track your progress, and access detailed score reporting so you can get more out of every minute you spend studying!

Extra Help from LSAT Experts

You don’t have to study on your own. Our account puts the knowledge of top-scoring instructors at your fingertips.

Get the latest news on the test with articles from Most Strongly Supported, our LSAT blog, and join live-streamed webinars for answers to your burning law school questions. It’s all part of giving you the best possible advice, totally free.