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Blueprint's Online Course offers approximately 88 hours of professionally
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Here's what you get:

88 Online Hours

Blueprint's Online Course, the world's most innovative

online LSAT prep course

, streamed in HD and featuring hand-drawn animation

Online Resources/App

Cutting-edge adaptive learning, practice sets, interactive drills, on-the-go lesson videos, photo scoring, and advanced analytics

3 Textbooks, 19 Practice LSATs

Every released LSAT question (over 8,000) and 19 practice LSATs to hone your skills

99th Percentile Instructors

The best LSAT instruction available, taught by Blueprint founders and LSAT virtuosos Trent and Matt

24 Hour Email Support

Expert help for any of your LSAT questions, fielded by veteran Blueprint instructors

10 day satisfaction guarantee

A no-strings-attached satisfaction guarantee so you can purchase the online course with confidence

PRICE: $199/MONTH* ENROLL NOW *Plus $200 initial fee for all materials including books and practice exams.

Blueprint's Online Course

Blueprint's classroom course has helped thousands of students improve their LSAT scores. But for years, it was only available in certain locations. No longer. Blueprint's Online Course allows you to experience the amazing Blueprint course anywhere in the world. In 88 action-packed hours, you'll learn the methods for the best way to approach every type of Logical Reasoning question, Logic Game, and Reading Comprehension passage on the LSAT. You'll then practice those methods on homework questions until you're able to implement them seamlessly on test day.

You'll also receive access to online practice drills to reinforce methodology, scoring analytics so you can pinpoint areas of weakness, online explanations for every question in the homework, an LSAT timer for taking practice LSATs and timing homework sections, and our proprietary law school admissions compass so you can estimate your chances of admission at various law schools.

88 Online Course Hours
+8,000 Actual LSAT Questions with Explanations


Trent uses his strong knowledge of the outdoors to work through a flaw question in Lesson 7.


Does Gombrich audition on Thursday? Find out in this clip from Workshop 2.

North America

Trent explains the history of the North American landscape in less than a minute.


Matt spots a problem with the claim that your brain can solve world hunger.


Bankers, lawyers, and athletes make for one hell of a party in Lesson 4.


Matt goes bird watching in this classic grouping game from Lesson 7.


Want to try before you buy?

Who doesn't like free stuff? Get an inside look at exactly what is offered in our online account by signing up for a free account. You will get a tour of the resources you will have access too as a Blueprint student.

Take the free tour

Most prep companies won’t give you a preview of their online LSAT course lessons or practice test explanations. At Blueprint, we believe in transparency for our prospective students. You can watch some of our video samples above or sign up for the extensive free tour to see exactly what the Blueprint Online Course is all about. When you combine expert instructors with professional animation, the result is a truly engrossing learning experience. If you are engaged in the material, you will learn more and your LSAT score will quickly improve.


Learn more about the
Blueprint LSAT textbooks

The LSAT is scared of our curriculum.

The price of our LSAT class includes all of your course materials: three books containing hundreds of pages of perfectly engineered LSAT study material. The first book starts with some of the basic concepts in the course, the second book moves to more advanced concepts, and the third book focuses on review and timing. Once you have learned the concepts during our lessons and workshops, we have developed immersive drills available online. Additionally, online homework sections adapt to your own strengths and weaknesses to make sure you are improving through the course.

The 6 proctored practice exams are spaced strategically throughout the course. The first is to establish a baseline of your skill level. Tests two, three, and four are used to diagnose whether or not you're learning the methodology to approach each question correctly. Tests five and six are given to hone your test-taking skills after you've acquired all of your LSAT fundamentals. Should you want more practice, 13 additional full-length exams are available for you to work on timing, test-taking strategies, and general practice before your LSAT.

3 Textbooks
19 Practice Exams
8,000+ Actual LSAT questions at your disposal & 81 actual LSATs.
q 16 Core Lessons

These meetings are devoted to introducing new concepts and strategies.
We use current events or real-life examples to help illustrate challenging material. Believe it or not, your dating life can really help you understand conditional relationships.

q 6 Proctored Practice Exams

You wouldn't go on stage without a dress rehearsal, so why in the world are you going to take the LSAT without some warm-up runs? Blueprint students take six proctored practice exams during the course. By the time LSAT day rolls around, it's just another walk in the park (okay, a pretty stressful walk, but it will feel better).

q 3 Clinics

Near the end of the course, there are three targeted clinics, one devoted to each section of the LSAT (reading comp, logical reasoning, and logical games). At this point in the course, we are covering advanced concepts, and these clinics will help you get those last few, precious points.

q 3 Workshops

Our review workshops are situated at the end of each course book. We cover a lot of material, so it's always helpful to review.


Blueprint has developed powerful techniques for approaching all sections of the LSAT.

We've divided every LSAT logic game, reading comprehension passage, and logical reasoning question into categories and teach you how to recognize each one. We then give you the Blueprint methods for the best way to approach each question, followed by scads of homework to reinforce these techniques.

Our curriculum is updated every year to keep pace with changes on the LSAT. If you take Blueprint, you will be the most prepared student in the room come test day.


When you study for the LSAT, you want to learn from the best. As long as you have an internet connection, now you can.

The Blueprint Online Course is entirely taught by Blueprint founders Matt Riley and Trent Teti. Between them they've sent enough students to law school to fill a medium-sized stadium. Since they wrote the Blueprint curriculum, it's fair to say they understand it pretty well.

Trent Teti scored a 174 on the LSAT and has a strong background in philosophy. He brings his knowledge of logic and analytical reasoning to the Blueprint course.

Matt Riley scored a 179 on his own LSAT and was accepted to law schools across the country. He has never missed a single question on any logic games section and brings his love of games and overall mastery of the test to the Blueprint course.


One issue with online courses is that they can leave you alone to struggle, well, alone. Not Blueprint! First, we have explanations for every question that you will see in the course. That means you have a Blueprint explanation to any question you're likely to encounter. Second, the Blueprint Online Course comes with unlimited access to Study Buddy, an email account manned by a veteran Blueprint instructor 24 hours a day. You'll receive a response to your question within 48 hours and typically much, much sooner.

10 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Because we're so confident that we offer the best LSAT prep anywhere, your satisfaction with our online course is guaranteed. If you're not satisfied for whatever reason -- even ones that makes absolutely no sense like, "The voices changed their mind and told me not to go to law school," or, "My friend said that some other prep company does Logic Games better" -- we'll refund you the cost of the course. Simply inform us in writing within ten days of purchasing the course that you're not satisfied and we'll send you a prepaid shipping label to return your books. When we receive your books within one month, we'll refund you the entire cost of the course.

Blueprint Online lsat prep course
THE BLUEPRINT APP Learning the LSAT just got a whole lot more effective.

Adaptive LSAT Homework

Our adaptive homework sets make the most of your study time. Intelligent question sets analyze your skills and give you problems catered to your strengths and weaknesses, optimizing your ability to learn quickly and effectively.

Customizable LSAT Prep Practice Sets

What you need to work on may be different from someone else. Textbooks can't change from student to student but the Blueprint app can! Our practice sets allow you to choose the number, type, and difficulty of questions so that you can tailor your course of LSAT study to focus on what you need when you need it.

Interactive LSAT Drills

Reinforce skills taught in LSAT class with drills that test key LSAT concepts. Learn formal logic, diagramming, causation, and more with the swipe of a hand or from drag and drop drills.

Easy Mobile Photo Scoring

With the Blueprint app you can also score tests online with just a click of your iPhone or iPad camera. Once scored, the app will also generate a host of analytics to let you know concepts you've mastered and areas where you need additional study.

iPhone Test Scoring
Interactive Blueprint Questions on iPad

Interactive Questions Interface

The app allows you to tackle homework questions online. You can get hints on difficult questions, learn what areas of the argument you should have honed in on for the correct answer, and generate an analysis of not only the types of questions on which you struggle, but the parts of that question, such as logical force or difficult terminology, that are difficult.

The Blueprint app will revolutionize the way you study for the LSAT. MORE INFO M Download on the App Store

Subscribe to our Online Course $199/mo Plus $200 initial fee for all materials including books and practice exams*

The subscription model gives you flexibility in your LSAT study schedule.

To keep your studies on track, all online students receive a customizable schedule with a "drag and drop" calendar to make it easy to keep tabs on your studying or to change dates should you need to postpone a lesson for any reason.

You can subscribe to the online course for more or less time, depending on your schedule and the date of your LSAT. We recommend studying for the LSAT for three to six months. Once you enroll in the Blueprint online LSAT prep course, you'll have a default suggested study schedule in your account. You can change this schedule using the drag-and-drop calendar whether or not you need more or less time to prepare for the LSAT.

*The initial fee is added to your first month's payment and covers your study materials. These include every LSAT question legal to license (over 7,500) broken down in the following manner: as examples in the three course books that teach the Blueprint methodology for all sections of the exam, as homework questions to practice the curriculum, as extra problem sets to reinforce the methodology, as six practice LSATs to space throughout the course, and as eight additional LSATs to practice timing and test-taking skills.


When you look at the Blueprint online course and other online options, it's not even close. If you are going to log the long hours necessary to study for the LSAT, you need a course that is both flexible and entertaining.

the Blueprint Online Course is incredibly flexible. Since the course lessons are pre-recorded, you can watch them when you want and as many times as you want. Other "live" online courses make you tune in at a specific time, only to watch some boring instructor run a class that isn't much more than a bad slideshow.

the Blueprint Online Course is also incredibly entertaining. Trent and Matt are so popular as instructors because they convey the material in a hilarious way. Also, we hired professional animators (who used to work for shows like South Park) who spice up the content. Other prep courses will put you to sleep. Blueprint will help you laugh your way straight to that 180.