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Logical Reasonings / 6.21.18

A. ETS just released a study that concluded the GRE can predict law school performance just as well as the LSAT. Not to get all ad hominem, but ETS makes the GRE. Wiley Online Library

B. Many law students who crushed 1L might be looking to transfer to greener pastures now that it’s summer. Here are some advice on doing just that. Above the Law

C. The President of the American Bar Association will visits Texas-Mexico border to see how attorneys can help in family re-unification. ABA Journal

D. Meanwhile, an attorney who’s already on the border, as a member of the ABA’s asylum project, describes representing asylum-seeking Central Americans. ABA Journal

E. The price you pay for stuff on Amazon might go up a little bit, courtesy of the Supreme Court. CNN Money

Logical Reasonings / 6.20.18

A. If you make your career decisions based entirely on “prestige,” here are the 100 most prestigious law firms, according to Vault. Vault

B. Thomas M. Cooley law school — considered to be one of the worst law schools in the nation, and perhaps not coincidentally the school that gave Michael Cohen his J.D. — published its own law school rankings, proclaimed itself the second-best law school in the nation, and then advertised that illustrious ranking at a minor league baseball game. Above the Law

C. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class: Don’t refer to your ex-client as a member of an “angry feminist cabal.” Legal Profession Blog

D. Milwaukee Bucks player Sterling Brown is suing the Milwaukee Police Department after he was violently arrested over a parking violation in January; body cam footage from the arresting officers does not suggest that Brown posed a threat, and a Facebook post by one of the officers suggest the officer had a thing for arresting NBA players for parking violations. Deadspin

E. Canada became way more ~chill~ today. CNN

/ /

Catch that Summer Feeling with the Last of Our Summer LSAT Classes

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy… or maybe not so easy, if the LSAT is looming in your near future. While summer is always time to sit back and unwind, it’s also time to get your ducks in a row so that you’re prepared after the boys of summer are gone. After all, school’s out for summer, but fall – and its attendant LSAT dates – will be here before you know it.

Logical Reasonings / 6.19.18

A. Just a reminder: today’s the deadline for those registered for the July LSAT to change their test date, location, or withdraw for a partial (some would say paltry) refund. LSAC

B. Next year, the January, March, and July LSATs will be “nondisclosed,” while the June, September, and November tests will be disclosed. @DaveKilloran

C. 75 former U.S. Attorneys from both sides of the aisle condemned Jeff Session and his “Zero Tolerance” policy of separating children from their asylum-seeking parents. Huffington Post

D. And over 10,000 Lawyer Moms did the same, and are planning a Day of Action to protest the family separation policy. Above the Law

E. Some Tuesday #inspiration: This septuagenarian just passed the Texas bar exam and is now racking up pro bono hours. Law.com